NCSY Anytime


All of us remember the day that the world shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic. Everything was up in their air and very uncertain. At first, we were under the impression that the lockdown would last only two weeks. Fourteen months later we are still trying to navigate everything as we enter yet another shutdown. However, during all of the ever changing rules and regulations, one thing has stayed constant and that is NCSY. As soon as they got the news that things 

would be changing, NCSY didn't miss a beat. Staff and advisors took time to arrange countless classes, one on one learning, and fun virtual events for the students. They kept us inspired and motivated to keep going throughout all of the uncertainty. After thousands of hours on zoom, we have decided to compile the classes so that people can benefit from them in the years to come. Please browse, enjoy and remember, no matter what happens NCSY will be there for you, because this energy can never be locked down! 

~ Nessa Moussadji